AAAA Generator Services maintains a small fleet of portable and trailer mounted generators for rent. We also have discounted rates for extended rentals. Call us to ask about our load bank rental pricing. We also provide professional rental installations for customers requiring delivery connection of generator.

$150 minimum charge applies to generator rentals. Please call for quote. Some sample pricing (subject to availability):

  • $45/day 1400W inverter gasoline generator
  • $65/day 12.5kW gasoline generator
  • $100/day 25kVA diesel MultiQuip generator
  • $125/day 45kVA diesel MultiQuip generator
  • $275/day 150kVA diesel MultiQuip generator

Extended Rental Multipliers:

  • Multiply daily rate by 4 for weekly rate
  • Multiply daily rate by 10.4 for monthly rate

Usage Multipliers:

  • Multiply by 1.5 for double shift (where usage exceeds 8hrs/day, 40hrs/week, 160hrs/month)
  • Multiply by 2 for unlimited hours (where usage exceeds 16hrs/day, 80hrs/week, 320hrs/month)

Oil changes are due at 100hrs on gasoline portables and 200hrs on diesel portables. Maintenance is the responsibility of the renter. Generators returned without maintenance having been performed on time will be subject to additional charges equivalent to one week's rental rate per incident as well as costs for any repairs.

Generator rental security is the responsibility of the renter. If the generator will not be kept in a secure location, separate insurance is recommended.

Please see our terms and conditions page for more information